After getting really into sim racing during the Covid-19 lockdowns here in the UK, I’d built a very nice 3090 RTX-powered gaming PC.

But, as a working Dad, it’s difficult to find the time to do any sim racing at all. I learned that I could use my GPU to mine Etherium, and so I discovered the GPU mining community and became interested in “monetizing” my idle gaming rig time.

Beginning with Nicehash running on my gaming PC I quickly wanted to develop my understanding of mining crypto – here’s where it started:

evga 3070
How it started…

I developed a keen interest in the technical side of mining rig builds and optimization and decided to start expanding my farm by building a water cooled mining rig.

I now have 3 water cooled systems running various 3090 cards:

6 x ArcticStorm 3090's
6 x ArcticStorm 3090’s

As I’ve moved forward through my journey I’ve naturally migrated from running Windows-based mining machines to HiveOS (read my guide to getting started with Hive OS here). I also run several air-cooled mining rigs in Minebox 8L cases and Octominer x8 Ultra+ cases:

minebox 8L
A pair of Minebox 8L cases

I must say having learned so much, I would have started very differently had I understood fully what would be required of me to get to what is approximately 10gh/s of available hash rate.

But then, that’s what this site is about: helping those new to the mining community get going, avoiding the mistakes I made as a beginner. So, if you’re pretty new and want to learn how I built my rigs, how I mine, and what overclock settings to use, you’re in the right place.

Octominer running HiveOS
Octominer running HiveOS and mining ERGO

Check out all of my posts from the home page or get in touch if you have a question – enjoy, Richard.